Scientific challenges and consortium


DIGISPORT brings together 25 research units in the fields of sport sciences, computer, data, electronic, human and social sciences. They share a common scientific goal and cooperate to create a new training curriculum anchored in scientific and economic reality.

The internationally recognized experts will address two complex and complementary issues:

  1. how to create knowledge outside the laboratories, as close as possible to athletes or patients and on all performance factors (physiological, biomechanical, psychological)
  2. how to use this knowledge to revolutionize the practice of physical activity for both athletes (to improve their performance and management of complex gambling situations, prevent injury, and accelerate rehabilitation).


Top-level labs and platforms

DIGISPORT will benefit from cutting-edge equipment and interactive facilities in Rennes (e.g., telepresence rooms) to increase contact between researchers, students and industry partners.

While sport practice is increasingly connected, the associated research is highly segmented: on the one hand, sport sciences provide knowledge to determine performance indicators or the management of diseases through sport, and on the other hand, digital specialists are developing new technologies (virtual and augmented reality), sensors, and data interpretation algorithms. Therefore, this new interdisciplinary postgraduate program is essential to train qualified students and satisfy an industrial market eager for highly skilled managers.

Furthermore, the partners have a long experience of collaborative work in research and training through the complementarity of their skills. More specifically, M2S Lab prides itself on world-class research platforms (Immermove and Immersia) and has set up a management entity (ImmerStar) to ensure their sustainability.

New active and open partnerships


DIGISPORT provides a framework for closer collaborations between project partners with established successful research and training relationships. Using these networks and the expertise of its partners, it strengthens cross-fertilization between academics and companies, in order to promote the training of qualified students.

The graduate school will make it possible to create an entity that is visible to industries and therefore promotes the integration of students.

DIGISPORT brings together all relevant complementary skills through a consortium of:

Research laboratories and international academic partners

Research laboratories and international academic partners from EPFL, Loyola Univ. Chicago, GENT, Texas State University…

Renowned business networks

Renowned business networks (Le Poool - French Tech Rennes/Saint-Malo, Pôle Images et Réseaux) and companies (Golæm, Farsight, Moovency, Trinoma, FITéval) to ensure consistency with socioeconomic markers

Sports and health stakeholders

CROS (Regional Olympic and Sports Committee), Campus Sport Bretagne, Stade Rennais F.C. (1st French league), Cercle Paul Bert, Rugby Club Vannes, French Kayak Pole, ENVSN (National School of Sailing and Water Sports), Tennis French Federation, St Grégoire Health Clinic, etc.

The consortium will grow continuously at the national and international level through networking between research units and shared interests with organizations operating in the same fields.

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