Sport in the

Digital Age

The booming market of connected sport (growth of 4% per year since 2010) is sustaining the development of startups and business incubators worldwide and contributing significantly to the economy, including in France.

The network of new businesses in the French Tech Sport consortium has been expanding since 2016, and in that same year, the #Sports Thematic Network determined the number of sports-related jobs in France to be approximately 275,000, with an industry valued at €37 billion per year. Moreover, the Centre de droit et d'économie du sport (CDES), estimates the economic impact of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to be between €5.3 and 10.7 billion. This will significantly impact all levels of the sport industry in France, including technological innovation.





The programs offer non-conventional teaching with online delivery, flipped classrooms, research teaching, pedagogy-by-doing and co-working, and rely heavily on interdisciplinary projects carried out in collaboration with scientific and economic actors to also encourage hybridization of student populations.

The unifying thread of these programs is their modular organization permitting all students, including lifelong learners, to build a study strategy according to their personal and professional goals from bachelor to PhD. In the effort to modernize teaching practices, DIGISPORT has invested in a fully-equipped experimental platform for applied teaching projects and will implement a true pedagogy-by-doing. Finally, an ambitious international mobility and language training offer allows students and staff to network and gain meaningful exposure in France and elsewhere in the world.

New jobs


Several new jobs are open to the students, all related to the entry of sport - in the broad sense - into the digital age.

The skills acquired in the field of digital technology will be particularly useful to access jobs in fast-growing sectors of employment in the future. Students can rely on our lifelong learning program to update their skills and remain relevant in a constantly evolving sector. It opens job opportunities such as researcher, R&D engineer, performance monitoring manager, performance analysis director, data scientist in sport sciences, computer scientist in e-sport, ergonomist…

DIGISPORT aims at strengthening partnerships between academic institutions, industry and society to boost employability and lifelong learning. Moreover, our MSc and PhD programs will propose dedicated courses on entrepreneurship and innovation as well as internships and company-sponsored projects.

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