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The digital revolution in sports and exercise is already underway, at the confluence of the fast-growing markets of sport (€80 billion worldwide) and digital technology and connected objects (€207 billion worldwide). It leads to the emergence of new professions at the interface of these domains requiring skills in sports science, digital, electronics, and human and social sciences.

Practicing sports and physical activity is no longer considered as merely a recreational pastime: it is increasingly recognized as a cornerstone of health and well-being throughout life; it sustains major job and economic markets worldwide; and it has become a central component of society in most countries, helping build regional and national identities. Parallel to these evolutions has been an increasing reliance on digital assistants that monitor how we move daily (step count), during sports and fitness (distance, heart rate) or recovery (sleep quality).

With this influx of digital assistants, exercise monitoring is no longer limited to high performance athletes. It now allows the general public to easily integrate these devices into their lives through social media platforms and health applications. Currently, there is a disparity between the expectations of this rapidly developing market and the number of trained graduates pursuing careers in corresponding fields.

DIGISPORT offers a comprehensive, hybrid graduate school encompassing the specialties in both sport and digital sciences. It provides excellence in research and teaching by serving both traditional students and industry professionals, as well as offering formal collaborations with regional research outfits. DIGISPORT helps advance the use and efficacy of digital technologies in sports and exercise, impacting all stakeholders from the users, educators, clinical practitioners, managers, and actors in the socioeconomic world.

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The Rennes ecosystem


The Rennes ecosystem is particularly well suited to host the EUR DIGISPORT both in research and training. It incorporates world-class research units in the field of sport (top 300 in the Shanghai ranking), digital (top 100 in the Reuters ranking of the most innovative universities in Europe and top 300 medical technologies in the Shanghai ranking) but also electronics (top 200 for the Shanghai telecommunications ranking) and human and social sciences.

The research units involved in DIGISPORT are affiliated with CNRS joint labs (IRISA, IETR, IRMAR, CREST), Inria teams, Grandes Ecoles network (ENS Rennes, INSA Rennes, CentraleSupelec, ENSAI) and Université de Rennes 1 and Université Rennes 2. Rennes is also a proven socioeconomic incubator with a large network of companies organized around the Images et Réseaux cluster, French Tech-Le Poool and prominent sport institutions (CROS, Campus Sport Bretagne).

A new training strategy


The objective of DIGISPORT is to create a unique graduate school of international excellence in interdisciplinary training and research in digital sport sciences. This project aims to offer students in initial and continuing training an opportunity to build a study strategy suited to their professional goals and to the labor market.

The EUR provides a coordinated training offer, from masters to doctoral level, that is resolutely interdisciplinary and strongly linked to research and innovation. This program proposes to university and Grandes Ecoles students, in initial and continuing training, to build their own learning path through a modular teaching offer, based on pedagogical innovation, hybridization of student populations and interdisciplinary projects. The EUR's high-level technological platforms are great training tools for the students. DIGISPORT will host renowned international researchers for student teaching.

International students can apply for academic mobility at the Graduate School during their MSc and PhD. Selected DIGISPORT students will have access to fellowships to support their international mobility.

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